FACT Manual

This is a manual that explains FACT as understood by Bruce Arroll. At the end it explains what training resources are available in terms of on-line courses, face to face courses, videos, webinars and podcasts 

Demonstration Videos

The first is the demonstration video of an 11 minute consultation that demonstrates the seven step model for a first consultation. The second is a talk on FACT by Bruce Arroll (31 minutes) which explains FACT and how he uses it in his practice. 

Other FACT Resources


Goodfellow Unit FACT Resources


Other Resources

  • ‘Advanced Interventions’ YouTube playlist of 6 videos (client played by Danish psychologist Ditte Hoffman)
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  • The evidence base for the first depression consultation in primary care
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  • How to give a good talk
    Download Video

  • Anxiety away - how to deal with anxiety
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